Monday, 14 November 2011

12 board rating system

next to every board there shall be a star rating system ,,5 star = platnum board,, the lowest star go... the more corrupt board is ,,1 star = completely corrupt,,next to each board gh15 shall put passed/approved or failed/non approved,,it has nothing to do with the star system it has to do with hormone related subjects,,sources,,information on product and legitimacy of product,,approve board shall always be prefered over the non approved board no matter how many stars it got ,,meaning! it may be a corrupt board but gh15 will approve it due to the level of sources performance and information regarding hormones,,even if a board got 1 star and full of corruption the moment gh15 gave it approved board it will be good enough for hormones related subjects since the coruption is with regard to other issues than hormone sales

read the above 100 times before writeing me pms with dumb questions,,the system is final ,,the stars are final,,it was thoguht for for a whole year,,i had my elfs on those boards ,,they all reported back,,they all purchased product,,they all been active on those boardings and reported their findings,, so this is final ,,no c hanged will happen so no need to pms ,,this is mainly to moderator who will try to pm for me to change something,,its FINAL

professional muscle *** failed/non approved * failed/non approved

elitefitness ** passed/approved

steroidology **** passed/approved

anabolicminds ***** failed/non approved

steroidmas ***** passed/approved

out law muscle * passed/approved

md ** failed/non approved

anabolex **** failed/non approved

rx *** failed/non approved

bodyofscience ***** passed/approved

anabolicboard ***** passed/approved

there you have is pupils,, those are the 12 most important boards ,, there are many more,,but i decided for you what boards count,,those are THE BOARDS to be considered ,,this is final rating system and shoudl be seen as such when considering your bodybuilding career,, was not mentioned because it is the thunderdome of bodybuilding,,so its above anything else,,it was there when no board was there ,,it was the beggining,, so it is like george washington of boarding,,

gh15 approved

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