Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hormones Description

testosterone - natural hormone to the body ,,the more of it you have the bigger you will get the more agressive and energetic you will be in the gym,,500-750mg test = 200-220lb bodybuilder wanna grow bigger youll have to use more testosterone,,period

boldenone - good anabolic that grows you lean ,,shoudl be a part of a stack for the advanced bodybuilder if chosen to use eq

nandralone - the human grade brother of eq,,nandrolone should always be chosen over eq when aiming at growth

trenbolone - strength and hardness is what trenbolone can and wil give you,,preferable use in prep due to the abilioty to get to chris fadilo bodyfat% while maintainig all the muscle mass,,muscle maturity is the first thing ones notice with trenbolone,,your muscle will mature faster and yoru face too and thus you will look 10 yeard older than your age for a typical whitie ,,blacks hide it well due to ...being black:)

dbol - best drugs hands down in history of hormones,,to this day there is no drug beter than dianabol,,LEGIT dianabol will add 20lb of muscle mass on ANY LIFTER WITHIN FIRST 3-4 WEEKS OF USE,,
no dianabol = football players no dianabol = no bodybuilders

anadrol - use for prep if at all,,gh15 doesnt recomend the use of anapolon because it is a drug that wasnt meant for the bodybuilder,,it is for diff purpose but still can work at keeping muscle full while dieting ,,some are none responders ,,,some will grow on it well but it will never be 50mg it will always have to be 100+ mg if not 150-200 ,,we professionals take sometimes 300-400mg a day

winstrol - stifness and hardness,,better have lots of muscle and good shape to those muscle before using winstrol because you wont be able to look good otherwize and inaddition while using winstrol you will never reach heavy lifting ,,winstrol and heavy lifting do not go together even if you use nandrolone with it ,,winstrol simple prevent you from heavy lifting

growth hormone -
any professional athlete and almost all top amatuers as of 2008 use growth hormone,,it wont be detected via simple tests and its costly to test for it ,,everyone use it becaue everyone love to eat good food,,and if you wanna eat good food and lots of it you need growth so the good food dont make you fat,,as simple as that ,,lean growth is what growth hormone cause ,,to ANY ONE

insulin - insulin is a key ingredient inorder to become a freak ,,gh alone will grow yuo lean ,,,insulin will grow you lean and freaky ,,insulin ruined bodybuilding to some degree but still most bodybuilders on gh sonner or later go the to insulin because most bodybuilders always chase size...hopefully it changed yesterday

igf - organ growth ,,you need to know your shit before using it and you need to know how to use it at the right dose IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET REAL IGF!

clenbuterol - fat burner,,retain water first few days ..then boom start losing fat past week 1

ephedrine - beter than clenbuterol because it works faster

t3 - if you want to eat pizza burgers chinease etc you gotta use t3 ....ofcourse do not use t3 unless you are on gh and insulin and also dont east too much junk food unless yo are on gh and insulin ...the t3 is aimed at the increasing of metabolsim thus burning fast more effienct and effective,,

arimidex,letro - estrogen eliminator down to almost 5%,,i recomend the use of those only in prep..but if yuore a fat ass as in lots of adipose tissue and still do hormones ...use it all year

clomid,nolva - i find clomid and nolva old generation crap and to me it doesnt matter wether you use tit or not...i find all post cycle therapy to be useless but then again we professionals rarely go off and in general some fellas just get touched by a girl and their balls start working again ,,some do not,,,the hairier you are the less you will need post cycle crap,,,the more hair yu ogot on yoru body pre shaving....the better are your balls and natural testosterone levels,,,in other words....there is a reason why big hairy men are called beasts! their sex drive is always high on off and inbetween cycles they dont need no pct,,the less hairy you are the more feminine you are and the harder it will be for yuo to rebound so pct may be for you

good luck

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