Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tren cough


it depends on the specific brain you have mainly NERVES ,, it is brain reaction mainly ,,what happen is that you feel not quite metalic but more of a almost liek soury sharp taste on the tip of the toungue and most fellas will feel in their prostat almost like a burning sensation ,, nothing to do with sweating ....then you feel it in the lungs and start caughing ,, really nothing serious medically ..just hit a vessel with trenbolona ace,, it stops after 2-3 min ,,when you caugh and ofcourse itch all over because your sculp will itch like mother fuckin fella that has lice lol everything will itch all your head lol so while you cough and have saliva like a horse coming out of your mouth ....and then itch,, after 2-3 min it is over and the itching last maybe another 10-20 min sometimes longer but it dont matter its tolerable

anbd you can breath perfectly fine ,, its that many get hysteric becaue they never experienced it before,, but the problem is that you have more of a shortness of breath which can be confuse with no ability to breath ,, it is far less than the horror storys we say here,, it really isnt that bad you hav eseen much much worse if you ever broken a leg ...or broken arm ...or injected dirty mexicano gear....if you ever injected gear with high ba....NOW THATS HORROR...that is the real real horror ,, the top chefs though do nto do mistakes with the ba they became very profesional in this aspect they put the mexicanos to shame

gh15 approved

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