Thursday, 3 November 2011



1. always have the following drug at ahnd from the get go,,tren ace,,,testosterona,,equi,,masteron

2. always use them ,,consistantly no matter what ,,sometimes go off inorde3r to shock system later,,but always be on consistant use of those 4 drugs in some form or another,,

3. no matter how lean you feel at the beggining and psycologicaly fucked dont ever quit those 4 drugs because with time they will give you and they will be the only drugs that will give you the 3 dimentional look and right after that within couple months the small head in relashion to body,,those are the only combination of drugs that will do it with quality

4. gh a must for the bodyfat levels/size combo you need now days ,,so forget abotu hgih level competition with out gh ,,with any drug at the end you will start losing muscle inordder to get down to very low bf%,,the3 onlnly thing that wuill get you to GROW into show is gh,,it is a must ..but try to abuse it less at the beggining stages and keep it for later in high doses if you do well at higher levekl competition above local

5 id take insulin out of bodybuilding ,,it ruined it
,,also take seo otu of bodybuilding then yo 7usee who is real good and who is a blob
6. amnerican bodybuilder are liars,,they use more drugs and higher doses ,,europian bodybuilders are less of a liar and use just as much

gh15 approved

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