Wednesday, 2 November 2011



growth hormone is what deveop new muscle cell,,without growth hormone there are no 230 at singles at 5'9,,never was never will be

aas is what develop the new muscle fiber cells gh gave you ,,so with no aas there is no 230 at singles at 5'9,,never was never will be

the use of both gh and aas is absolut must for quality cut lean large and tight 220+ single digit quality look on height under 5'10,,

thhe magic in bodybuilding can ONLY happen when on test,,tren,,eq,,and gh you may say you can use deca,,no its nto the same,,you may say you can use primobolan no its nto the same,,

you have in bodybuilding what we call the nasty lean mean beast and freak depending on genetic response potential ,,

you will not be able to achieve those looks if you have no trenbolone in blood no gh in blood no test in blood and no eq in blood those are the 4 musts in bodybuilding foillowed closly by masteron which can be substitute but still part of the equation for finished impressive physiqe

the addition of gh can solve the shockin time when you are off aas,, yes you lose size but you continue to create muscle fibers,,and when there is moe muscle fibers mutation can occure later on ,,thats what we lie to you and call muscle memory ,,muscle memory is basically the mutation you create as a rsult of gh use when you prime your muscles before aas use or during depending on how rich you are and how much money you can play with,,if you are a serious bodybuilder or intend to be there is never off time completely never ever,,aas ,,gh either one or both are always in system

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