Thursday, 3 November 2011



Age 23 is good you dont need gh yet but for the numbers you want if you are not great responder or natural gh not at top of the will have to use syntetic gh sicne you want a magazine look basically that is volumized and fibery with meaty round delts,,extra surface on body while getting lean and scarifice bodyfat for new lean muscle that come insted,,this usually can only be achieved with gh at some level ,,

then again like said if you have high natural gh and you wil knwo it quite fast i assume you dont because if you did you woud be 10% right now,,thoe are the fellas with high natural gh ,,they go single to lowe doubles ,,they usually have space in their teeth ,,they usually have flat hands with very flat nails and they just naturally lean ,,

but if you still think you have high natural gh then the cycle i woudl recomend is

testosterone 500-750mg a week
equipoise 600mg a week
and a tren ace at 75mg every second day
if your gh is high in body you will start looking nasty past week 4-5,, but again inorder to look nasty you need yoru bodyfat at no higher than 13% when starting ,,true 13%

good luck

gh15 approved

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