Thursday, 3 November 2011



kamali squats a lot...heavy! ,,did it help him? see curent condition

thomas prince used to squat a lot....heavyyyyyy...did it ummm help him? see current condition lol

mikelango fransuia... squated a lottttttt....heavvvvy,, did it ummm help him? see current condition

list go onnnn and onnnnn and onnnnnn

now look at those fellas..

denis wolfe...doesnt squat much,, work hacks and even that he can find ways around it,, top 5 bodybuild in the world

dexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxar jaxson,, doesnt squat much,,prefer hacks and even that he can find ways around it,, number 1 bodybuild in the world..yes still!

philsulina heath,, doesnt do shit lol just pump muscles lol ,,top 5 bodybuild in the world

list go on and on and on and on ,,

im surporized you fellas havent learned yet that reality of the matter is that if a girl can get her leg to look nice thick and developed with 25lb paltes acros a bar.. or many times on machines... lol you as bodybuild can do exact same thing,,

this is so wrong whats going on in the cult for so many years,, you see ron colman ass to the ground severe mutation of outstanding development that came from respond to hormone and genetic respond to hormones and over all respond to training,, you see him sqwuating heavy for video and you think oh ill go do that ,, and same for the othr...dont you understand we do it for videos mainly? after all this time dont youget it?

yes you can work with 4 plates each side of a bar and squat,,will you do it relegiously and grow better and bigger for long time ,,NO,, will you kill yourself on the way ? YES YOU WILL ,, WILL IT RESULT IN BIGGER MUSCLE WITH OUT HORMONES AND ENOUGH OF THEM ? N E V E R

work smart fellas dont work with the balonie you read on muscular devlop or flex,, those are liars ,,they work on you round and round like the song goes ,,and you always fall for this ,,

gh15 approved

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