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4-6iu is base for any local. no matter age. 23 year old will thikn it was not worth it ....40 year old will win the local show and go to the regional show...

7-10 is for advanced amatuers...those are the ones with potential to win a pro card but! it depends on many factors such as how legit is their other hormones and how serious they are when it come to bodybuild,, 7-10 iu still does not make a mutation

10-15 iu is for top amatuers and some pros who want to grow lean ,, this is also where insulina come into the picture on a regular basis and testosterona level start to sky rocket along with equipona and tren to a lesser degree ofcourse

15+ is for pros or really top amauers who have good sponsors or just rich kids that can afford it,, 15+ is where things start to happen on a diff level ,, it is when your body start to really hve a freaky look of muscle and bone and very little visible fat ,,ofcourse the fellas on 5 iu also have low bodyfat but! the diff is that the lean growth on 15+ iu especialy when its doen with insulina at higher doses tremendous ,, it is like you grow from within ,, and you dont need to step on scale anymore and see you are 207 insted of 204 or 214 insted of 207 ,,now you talk about big numbers 240 -250 -260 of realy lean and sculpted and skin attached to muscle tupe of physiqe ,, it wrapes itself around the muscle and you have pro infront of you or top amatuer like the russian kid alexai etc... 15+ is where the true freakiness begins even for fellas who to begin with dont seem freaky ...take jason for example he is not freaky he is very average...GH GOT HIM TO BE FREAKY ,,gh at high doses,, same for amatuer kuklo the kid ...very very average physiqe really nothing to write home about,, but when went on high doses gh.... and ofcourse saw what happened...

so,, to conclude ,, the higher the gh intake is the more SHIT you can eat ,,and i mean SHITTT,, on 5 iu gh a day you can pretty much eat tubs of icecream and good warm meals from jamaicas boy grannys kichen ,, on 15+ iu ...there is no diet,, you just EAT! ofcourse you need to know what you are doing because you can always end up a total mess like palumbino and ruin every little good thing you had you do ned to be in check all the time but you can eat whatever you want

in regaridng to ages,,

20-28 will benefit from gh but it wont be to the level where youll say oh my god im a mutant ,, UNLESS higher dose involved and insulina involved as in 8+ iu at the least and constant insulina with higher testosterona intake...then you will get what other competitors in the higher levels get which is conditioned size,,fucked up conditioned size due to insulina but it wil be size you wil be able to compete with and get places,,,

if you are 28 and over...this is when gh even at 5-6 iu a day can cause a big difference,, over will have to have gh in system inorder to really fulfil potential of your bodybuilding if you want to compete,,

ofcourse you can be bodybuilder with no gh ,,it will just be a more sad bodybuild lol ,,a more ummmm quiet type of bodybuild,, there is something we bodybuild always mesure things by ...that sometihng is the girls they look at us,, the fellas on gh know what im talking about ,,they know how the girls have this open mouth type of look or the big deer stuck in the midle of the cross roads type of look when they see the width and the polished tight look of a gh equipona testosterona user .... it is specific look that no matter how muscular one is ...if not on gh that fella will NEVER have no matter how veiny he is or how thick he is or how defined he is ,,he will lack the volumization ,,CONDITIONED SIZE,,

take a look at denise in the picture with the rifle and guns in the desert lol look at hoew he look like in this huge HUGE shirt,,he make this shirt look very good right? this shirt is HUGE and yet it look pretty good on him he make it look fitting him nicely right? this is what im talkin about to a lesser degree with amatuers,, it is something that where ever you walk people stop ,,think for a second ,, and just ponder and wonder with owe,, most whores ofcourse ae already haveing a tingling sensation in their clitorious and just waiting for you to smile at them back,, that type of body always get any girl it wants to fuck ,, and fuck her pretty fast ,,so its good for bodybuild and good for girls banging

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