Thursday, 3 November 2011



testosterona and trenbolona for higher sex drive,,

testosterona will make anyone horny no matter what drug you on as long as in right ratio,,

trenbolona will make you horny and hard and wanna fuck ,,but! the main ide will be it will take you long time to nut,,she will be so sore when youre done she will thikn twice about having sex next timelol but some whores like it so it is whoredependent

proviron will get you very very hard ,,,much better than any viagra or cialais ever done,,viarga and cialis wil reduce your blood pressure and in healthy individual it is no good,,some of them dont need thsoe drugs and actually perform worse on them ,,viagra and ciali are for fellas who have problems in getting blood into their peepee,,proviron on the other hand will get you so hard that you will be able to fuck her push up style with out blood running out of cock it will be like that for an hour straight and in most cases doesnt get you soft when cuming meanig you stay hard and can go for another round very fast even at older age

masteron is good ,,it is liquid proviron but the way you fellas use it 3 times a week inject wont be as good simply because dose wont be high enough ,,if inject masteron at 50-100mg a day itr would work well for sex,,,not as well a proviron btu close

halotestin,, pretty much the best drug to get a hard on if your have no balls and cant perform ,,lets say you are on 1000 mg eq ,,1000 mg deca,,no test,,and good sex drive killer such as estogen eliminator ai,,they will all be fade away into never land moment you take halo into blood at does of 15-40mg ..within about 10-15 min you will have sensation of cock and it will get hard even thogh sex might not be in your mind the cock will get hard and you will feel the need to do it pretty fast after

halotestin + proviron + testosterona = porn star

halotestin + proviron + testosterona + gh = good large and lean looking muscular porn star

gh15 approved

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