Thursday, 3 November 2011



1 halotestin

2 suspension

3 trenbolona ace

4 anadrola


6 oxandrolona

in this order they go from strongest to the more wear ofcourse they are all strong,,

the top 4 i mentioned there will make a chiwawa to pitball strength wize and will get you to be strongest fella in gymnasium of your choice if you are the only one on it... : )

dose matter,, but! suspension which is tne now day ,, i do not recomedn water suspension anymore,, but tne...and halotestin and trenbolona ace all of those 3 create monster strength ,, diff is....trenbolona ace will get you there while keeping mid singles and hard dry look ,, tne not so much,, halotestin will get you there and will make you a dangerous fella to be around,,

halotestin is the strongest drug for strength ,, fellas will disagree some love trenbolona ace some love suspension some love anadrola,, but any one who lift heavy and know his drugs....will tell you that 20 mg of legit halotestin will create a monster in a matter of 1 single hour,,and also a very harsh nasty and violent monster if prone to it! dotn recomend doses of 40-50mg of legit halo unless very experienced and not a violent fella,,20-30 mg of legit halo create champs

combination of any of the above will result in major spurts of strength that will be fat surpassing any muscle you will have on your poor bones,, the strength though will be enormous,,im talking 10 plates 45lb each side of the hammer trap machine easy talkin serious serious weights

gh15 approved

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