Wednesday, 2 November 2011



eggwhite are important because body like it ,, it is most digestable you can drink it pasturized and it will all go into where it need to be 80-90% of it will be absorbed by body and utilized,, body like it ...its light on the body ,, it is very fast way to get protien ,, very efficient and effective,, it fills you up well for the time you need until next meal,, its not heavy ,, its just superb source of protien

icecream is a must for any bodybuild becaue when on trenbolona and hgh ....either or ,, even if you cycle in and out the hgh still...the body burn fat so fast,, the lean muscle grow so fast...the changes happen so fast ...that your body needs this milky tecture of nutrients to slow suply the body with something to work on ,, this is diery and slower to digest ,, it is fun to eat ,, it is yum good for brain ,, it fills you up and togethe rwith trenbolona and hgh it created superb fullness and rippdness,,

remember arnold used to eat icecream every night thats was his shake ,,, he did his shakes there were no protien powder balonie,, eggwhites and icecream mixed together lol that was it...

icecream is highly important for bodybuild on the right hormones,, but! as with eveyrthing....there is icecream that is not good...ben and jerry NOT GOOD too much balonie too much fat too much sugar too much cream ,, there are icecreams that suiting bodybuilder better and they are the reaseas penut butter by brayer or whatyever there name is,, etc

gh15 approved

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