Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tren Ace Facts II


legit trenbolona will result in the following ,, be sure you have legit,,

enormous strength ,, and i mean it ENORMOUS strength

imediate fat burning effect like eca but with out the high in the sky weak feeling eca give you in the long run ,, in other word no stringy and no stiffy feeling,, much beter than eca for fat burninng

immediate increase in lean muscle ,, first through hardening and densing of the physiqe you have ,,the fibers will get closer and then will start seperating due to the water going into the muscle and decreasing on the outside of the muscle between skin and muscle ,,

there will be few day confusion where you are not sure what what ,, after 7 days you will know you are a walking invinsible bodybuild,, you will need to start 10% not fat...if you start fat it will all take longer time as in 3-4 months...remember eveyrthing happen in bodybuild because we are already starting lean to some degree as in 10% zone

legit trenbolona ace will be golden yellowish ,, it can be either more yelowish or more golden depending on oxidation and other factors,,but the color is a combo between gold and yellow sometime more yellow sometime more gold but it will have the combo of golden yelow pee to it

legit trenbolona ace will make a fatter fella sweat much more than a lean fella,, lean fella will not sweat as much ,,

legit trenbolona ace will let you eat anything you like and get you from point a to point b ,, no matter how your diet is as long as enough calorie and protien and carb you will get shreded at the end process and reserve all muscle while increasing your lean muscle becaue when you lose fat and dont lose weight...or lose very little increased your lean muscle,, it will be seen in the seperation of the muscle and the attachment of the skin to the muscle as in getting the muscle shape ,, skin and muscle become one,, veins will then from day 3 will be popping out more an dmore every single day to places you neevr seen them ,, you will have veins coming theough your body hair even if you are a chimpanzee you will see veins all over with full bodily hair,, you use veet on your body? you will be amazed how ripped you are,, wait with the veet few weeks or couple months so you get a big shock,, put tann on you and you are like a magazine fella in real life face to face ,,

legit trenbolona ace get female to take notice of you ,, suddenly females who would not touch bodybuild...will be attrackted,, if you have wife who dont give you sex or sex is minimal,, while using trenbolona you will see her approching you for sex and wanting to fuck you ,, like when you see a hot girl with perky tits...she will see you like the boy toys she and her friends were all gigling about back in highschool,, she will have sex with you much more and will intitiate it ,, lean fella that hold muscle and get to look ripped but maintain thickness get the most sex from females,, its not up to debate with me this is part of legt trenbolona facts

legit trenbolona will give you a cough spiiting saliva cough if you hit a vessle ,, it will come fast and go within 3-5 min whiel you be coughin and spitting saliva all over the toilet cursing everyone around you actualy you wont be able to talk but after 3 min you will lol it is nothing and common trenbolona hit the vessle reaction made by the tren easter which is ace

legit trenbolona will cause you to itch and get flaky skin ,, some do some dont ,, most do but again its only when hit vessle ...thre actual flaky skin will be for serious bodybuildthat been on tren for long time and on hormones in general for long time

legit trenbolona wil give you insomina and at time paranoia that everyone is after you ,, sometime even bad dreams,, its part of it ,, legit trenbolona is a known insomina causer and you need to know how to control it and sleep even with insomnia ,, you can get tired and regulate your sleep or change work schedule or fit it in no problam ,, whern bodybuild want somethign bodybuild get it

legit trenbolona is the only drug that can not be replaced in bodybuild ,, especialy competetive bodybuild,, but in bodybuild in general you will not be able to get in condition and eat like normal fella UNLESS you are on legit trenbolona ,, even if yuo eat clean legit trenbolona condition will not be there unless you are on trenbolona ,, you will lose lean muscle when not on trenbolona no matter what product you are on ,, even if you use gh and insulina if yuo are not on trenbolona you will lose lean muscle that will not be noticable to begin with but later on it will when tru to get to same condition and see you cant because you missing those 5-7 lb of quality muscle,,

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