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shutdown and test-estro ratio:

Quote from: pellius on November 23, 2009, 12:37:52 PM
I don't get it. If you are shut down you are shutdown. Are there varying degrees of being shutdown?

200mg/wk Upjohn cyp will bring you up well above normal levels regardless of age. Now say you add all that other stuff. How does that reduce or dilute or render ineffective the amount of test in your system? As long as the dose of test is consistent wouldn't the levels also be consistent no matter what else you add? And at what dose of test does an anti aromatase become necessary.?

I have the impression that in Arnold days they didn't use nearly as much test as they do now. It was primarily anabolics.

no,, reduction of estogen test ratio in the blood is a prime result for hardness problem in bodybuilders,,heavy doses of prouducts menion by gh15 will resuce esteogen test ratio,,,thus the ratio of test in the body to estrogen will grow ,,,you need to put in body much more testoisterone so new estrogen will come up back to where it should be inorder for sex drive to be optimal or be sure to have some good hot hoe that will be willing to suck your cock every 3 min when you get soft on her back into hardness,,

the main point is to take aromatazing hormones such as testosterone and dianabol to bring back sex drive,,

proviron is very good but its for people that didnt fuck their estrogen test ratio to begin with ,,people who been on tren eq masteron winstrol etc and minimal test for long enough time will notice they got no more sex drive or big reduction or they do have sex drive but have problem with staying hard ,,for that there is aalwys need to be right ratio of testosterona injected into the body in relashion to the none aromataze anabolics,,

some fellas just inject hcg but for the advanced bodybuilder who try to grow thicker and bigger the test ratio gh15 descrived of 2 to 1 should be followed,, hcg is something you need if you really try to get clean off hormones and want to bring your own shit to where it was at 21,,or get your girl prego after long time on hormones,,, etc etc

hcg always work no matter what you hear,,hcg never fails and will put anyone back to elephent balls and lots of sperm,,the problem with hcg is that it wil never be syntetic testosterone and thus cant grow you into neew dimentions,,so it give you bnack the big balls and lots of hard ons but with syntetic test at the right doses you get the hardons and the growth you want as bodybuiulder,, combination of both is best

gh15 approved

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