Tuesday, 22 November 2011

In regards to trenbolona - GH15's opinion

in regards to questions about trenbolona and how much truth there is behind what this drug do ,,gh15 decided to once and for all shed a light on this drug in the bodybuilder arsenal,,

i wish this to stay on getbig ,,i do not want it on other boards friends,,moment i see this on other boards i minimize my timing here,,

since the mid 70s bodybuilding has changed,,we no longer grow into a show when it comes to majority of bodybuilder ,,rather then we diet down for a show ,,the main reason for this new approach was a drug by the name of TRENBOLONA,,

the trenbolona drug is the ONLY drug in bodybuilding history that will cause changes to physiqe on a daily basis able for the naked eye to see with out the emphsis on cardio while growing the muscle at the same ratio of fat lose,,from the first day you take this drug as low as 50 mg per day if legit high quality powder,,this drug will cause changes,,not only strength wise because most bodybuilders are not strong per say ,,some of us are but most are not,,the changes will be in the quality f the physiqe and composition of body mass,,

EVERY SINGLE PROFESSIONAL AND AMATUER COMPETETIVE BODYBUILDER IS ON THIS DRUG AT SOME POINT ,,most abuse it and misuse it inorder to grow freaky ,,lee priest is one,,the murderer is another,,

now,,this is not if you want to use it ,,there is no if...we all use it on regular basis ,,it is the only drug that let us the ability to prep 12 weeks out,,or 16 weeks out with out losing lean muscle mass and insted gaining lean muscle mass while dieting for the show,,with out the use of this drug our diets would be much much longer and muscle mass would be lost at much higher rate ,,

many like to cook it themselves from fina pellets but if you are in the know you have connections to high quality powders and then you are fixed and so is your shape for the competiton,,

there is no drug in history of bodybuilding that forgive as much as trenbolona and changes body composition as much as trenbolona in the shortest time possible and im talking few weeks,,daily changes,,you see the fat melting with no cardio on NOT clean diet and at the same time your muscle grow from within ,,shoulder open up and thicken as in all delt heads,,lats thicken ,,body tightens ,,waist give the illusion of being smaller than it and getting smaller anyways if only on aas,, its just a very important must have drug in our arsenal,,

there is a huge difference between a bodybuilder who use test to a bodybuilder who uses test and gh ,,and then there is the freaks ,,the german marcus ...the ones who take trenbolona to a new level ,,

the use of 2 anabolic drugs such as the cow drug trenbolona and the horse drug equipona is making the biggest difference between the gym rat and a competetive bodybuilder at the top of his game,,

gh15 approved


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