Friday, 11 November 2011

Beginners who don't want to "look big":

Dear GOD!!! (Please leave my name out)

For beginners who don't want to look like big animals, just keep the weight at 200-220 lbs , about 10% fat, what kind of dosages would you recommend for (keep in mind only taking them alone not mixed):

gh (dosage and minium time ON)
stano (dosage and minium time ON)
anavar (dosage and minium time ON)

Whats your preference order

Thanks god and keep it real

220 10 % is big animal

gh not needed inorder to be 220 10%
stano not needed if jave it 50mg a day shoudl do trick,,
anavar not needed if have it legit 50mg a day should do trick

that combo above is more of hardening combo

my preference order is

testosterone cyponate

the above is for the 220 and over look at lower single digits or the greater the dose the more poundage you will see on scale,,,ofcourse you need to work it in the gym ,,with out training nothing happen in the muscle size department,,you get the swole but you wont get is solidify and sculpted the way you want,,

so training
and rest

gh15 approved

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  1. what about
    is that not a good gainer cycle for someone just starting the bb world? someone with not too much experience? how much dosage for the above if you would suggest it?