Thursday, 3 November 2011



effects = the best fat burning product on planet earth right there with ephedrine,,i would put it before ephedrine but the diff is t3 is merciless and ephedrine can be abused,,you will die/get sick but ephedrine can be abused,,t3 CANT
abusing t3,,iuncreasing doses to high ones if you dont have enough muscle mass for those doses and enough food around you,,will result in you losing fat and muscle at the same rate,, so doses for 200lb bodybuilder should be kept at25-75mcg 100mcg+ go for the bigger lifters and they better know how to use it right

what im trying to say in general is that if youre 210lb guy takin t3 at 200-300mcg a day,,you better sit in macdonalds for your 5 daily meals and order everything double,,there are people who do it and their excuse for them eating so much junk and staying so lean is stomack ulcers or problems from young age while in realiy they just overdose on t3 in addition to high metabolism to begin with in addition to lifting and looking athletic,,those are usually the people who look athletic and lean with veins sticking everywhere while eating junk all day none stop,,its a way to look decent but its not a way to be a bodybuilder

safety level is high if you know what you are doing,,takin 900mcg at one dose will result in problems for anyone,,its common used product and i yet to hear anyone having problem with using t3

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