Wednesday, 2 November 2011



you main source of prtien as bodybuild should be egg whites ,, then fish sushi preferbly ,, then all the rest chiken and beef

you need to make sure you have inside your body 1 or 2 of thsoe sources of protien on a daily basis ,, either eggwhite and fish or chieken and beef or fish and chiken or eggwhite and beef

you need to make sure protien is high ,, doesnt have to be super high just a good 200-400 gram a day for lean 200lb bodybuilder ,, somwhere around the 250-320 is good ,, you can have much more if you are on hgh and we do much more when we are on hgh,,

carbs should be HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH ,, this thing with low carbs fuck you up all the time,, high carb then cycle coupel low carbs but mostly high carbs when on the hormones i mention ,, you need that carbs when on hgh and on trenbolona ,, when you body is fat burning machine when you want big muscle when you want to thicken up and seperate from within you need the fuckin carbs!

kit kats ummmm i dont know i dont like candies much,, icecream much better ,, icecream is important tool in bodybuild arsenal we LOVE FUCKIN ICECREAM even the lactose intolerate bodybuild can deal well with icecream ,,icecream is important,,then you got all the fun with burgers and pizza but it need to be done in moderation and knwo your body well ,, you just cant sit eat 5 times a day mcdonald and expect to step on stage no matter how much trenbolona and hgh in you because yes you will be 6% but it wont be good enough and you will be wet 6% not dry 6%

so when i say to you anything you want to it there is also moderation taken into account,, you can eat icecream every day yes....but if you do it dont fuckin go at 2 am right after the icecream into denis for a coffee and desert cake

gh15 approved

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