Wednesday, 2 November 2011



the reason is because as i keep telling you 2 of the BIGGEST myths in bodybuild is

1. you have to train real hard inorder to build muscle,,

2. you have to eat clean inorder to builld good muscle,,

number 2 is completly complety wrong,, it is the main reason half of you stuck at 180 6% and the ones of you who eat clean on insulina and hgh stuck at 200-220 on stage....this is why,, because you EAT CLEAN ,, insted of eating your mama nad papa,, pizza,,german ,, vietnamease,, sushi ,, juicy burgers,, sit and eat your half oatmeal and 1 apple and throw in your balonie protien shake and expect miricles,, you dont build size this way ,, i keep tellin you this over and over and over and over only to see the same morons on steroids boardings do the exact same thing and kiss ass to pros like me on muscular develop and say genetic genetic make me wanna throw up my icecream when i get this pm quotes from muscular develpp,,

this is one of the biggest myths and biggest lies that will seperate you from ever becoming a pro....we dont eat clean we only eat clean at very specific times! this time called prep and even then its only kept for specific time in the prepat specific bodyfat ,,

now...number 1 is the subject of this posting....its nto how hard you work! it is HOW YOU WORK,, as i said many time long as you have the drugs in system you will build muscle as long as you stimulate it ,,it can be from standing donky while getting fucked in the ass by your man need stimulation and this what will cause the growth as LONG AS drugs in blood and enough food and rich food!

nwo this also go to true natural like the women you see in gym ,,,some are true naturals...and even for true naturals is stimulation that wil build the muscle and best stimulation is done with weight that is good for you ,,, no NOT WITH 7 PLATES EACH SIDE OF THE BAR...but 1-2 plates...yes yes 1-2 -3 plates ...this is what causes growth my friends,,especialy ESPECIALY WITH LEGS

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