Thursday, 17 November 2011

inregaridng blowing up right,,

friends,,this is last time i anser pms in regard to way to blow up right,,blow up with lines,,im tired of this same reptetive questions,,i said it in bible million times,,this is last time i write it ,,this is writen in stone so no ifs no buts,,no other thing than follow i dont want to get this stupdi questions again ,,its nto stupid but i keep answering and you keep asking same damn thing,,we are not the retardation society here,,bodybuild are smart when it come to loving their body so use your head and look through bible,,in anyway here are rules

1. ALWAYS GET AS LEAN AS POSSIBLE! before you blow up you have to be lean ,,a lean fella will alwyas look million time better than bloofy fella,,a lean fella will also respond to hormones much better than bloofy person and he is alot closer distance to become big if start from lean point,,

2. lean = 9% and under

3. the product to get you to the 9% and under shoudl ONLY be testosterona,,trenbolona,,masterona and if over 25 gh,,no other product should be used until you arre under 9% and in reality under 7% because betwen 9 and 7 it is what we call the twilight zone for the bodybuilr where depending on how his day was that how lean he will look,,you only look LEAN LEAN when constant 7% that means lean and ripped in relax positon not only lean

4. when you get under 9% and then continue to the 7% inbetween the 9 ad 7 you shoudl play and cycle the testosterona,, what gh15 mean....when you finally get to 8% and you can see abs lines show and skin getign the pop look of muscle with not much fat under the skin ...only then take the tesosterona prop that you used with trenbolona and masterona and change it to enanthate.....then you go to do blast with 1-2 grams of legit testosterona enanthate so you get thicker while blowing up in the single digit zone of 8%,, this step is important,,again no orals only change of ester and increase dose of test from the 350-700mg a week of prop to 1-2 grams a week of enanthate,, that will blow you up lean and push the muscle even further from within the skin and you will go from your 200-210-lb 8% up to 220lb 7-8%

5. remnember the trenbolona ace shoudl alwys be there at any time,,what gh15 mean by that is never off the trenbolona always on if you can every day no matter how you cycle the testosterona doses and esters,, that will make you continue shed fat and increase lean muscle while blowing up from within with higher doses of testosterona enanthate ,,

5. the above step is basically to thicken a physiqe that is going into te TOO LEAN phase ,,too lean can give impression of too weak ,,inorder to eliminate it ,,no matter how much abs you have or how many lines showing it can still be confused with too weak especialy in reality ,,so...inorder to eliminate it and get is thicker but GOOD THICKNESS OF QUALITY we add the testosterona in the doses i mentioned into the blast

6. when you get to your desire weight and size with single digit body fat preferably around 8% ,,then you reduce testosterona again and change it to prop,,you use prop 350-700mg a week every day injects while incresign trenbolona usage and increasing equipona and masterona into high drive,,you push them full steam while reducing testosterona ,,you also increase gh in that time,,you will get leaner eve mroe into the 6% zone after couple months whilel losing minimal weight and losing ZERO SIZE ,,actually you wil increase size while losing weight or atleast maintain muscle size to its fulness,,

7. finaly when you are 6% ,,then you can take out testosterona completely for few weeks get dry so the lines are clearly visible and definition is at all time best ,,maybe 2-3 whiel maintianing high anabolics ,,and after that 2-3weeks ...blast with anadrol or dianabol and you will blow up into new size with 6-7 % body fat ,

8. the increase of hgh to very hgih doses and insulin addition should only come after all those steps when body is primed and ready ,,dont do it like phil heath befor ready but do it when redy! do it the way kukelo did it ,,the right way,,

9. the addition of diuretic is necasery if you want to see anatomy chart but if not competing you do not need to see 4-5 % and 6% will sufice to get where you need to ...diuretic will let you rebound even better but this is preferebly if competing

10. diet realy dont matter down to 6% as long as you keep some balance and dont sit and drink oil all day long,,but eat where ever you want ,,again keep high protien and cycle the carbs right if know your body ,,remembee flat doesnt mean muscless it means temporary condition ,,

but ! always always remember pupil ,,LEAN > BLOOFY ,,your mission is to get lean and only then grow!! this is the only way to the magazine physiqe and the physiqe you see on stage that you wonder how they get it ,,this is THE ONLY WAY,,

good luck

gh15 approved

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