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due to popular demand,,
those are must hormone in blood for top amatuer and ofcourse profesional,, insulina and hgh are not a must for fitness model level phsyiqes eventhough today fitness model fellas are on hgh every few months then off,, in general those 5 hormones here are must inorder to get high in the ranks of npc competetive bodybuild aka national and then profeisional ,, local competition can do with out insulina and hgh ,, some do it completly natural but dont expect anything better than 3-5 placing in your class in the local if truly natural and that class will never be heavy or light heavy or super heavy kt will be light weight or middle weight as true natural ,,and thats if you have very good genetic and only! in local which is not national or profesional ofcourse

1. HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE,, with out it there is no pro conditioned size,, no matter how much you will jump and shout from morning to night,, no human growth hormone in blood with the window of 6 months writen in bible = no pro conditioned size and no pro card

2. TRENBOLONA ACE,, this is the most important most most most importanto anabolic steroids you can ever put into your blood,, it is more important than any other hormone even more important than hgh when it come to muscle condition,,
with out trenbolona ace THERE IS ABSOLITLY NO ADVANCE BODYBUILDER,,bodybuild with no trenbolona ace doesnt will always hear he look good...but never great,, will alwys hear yes you look good fella but but remember in the summer....remember when you were seperated and chest and deltd were huge and you were shred to pieces ,, that time you were better ,, i dont say you dont look good friend but its not what you were few month back ,, this! is what you hear when bodybuild is not on trenbolona ace!

trenbolona ace is the ONLY steroid that will let you eat anything,, you can eat icecream on this steroid and grow lean and ripped,, you can eat buns you can eat sushi ,, you can eat normal! and be shred! it is an aas with the capacity to get you in condition quite fast while at the same time growing you in the lean muscle departmnt ,, it grow you and burn fat same time,, you see it mainly to begin with by the vein poping out everywhere they go up from under the water and start poping all around if lean to begin with ,, thennn the seperation start occuring ,, it is daily changes not weekly ,, daily change on doses of 100-200 mg every day or 2 ,, you talk here about real fast changes,, and ofcourse after few months you are a walking competetive bodybuild ,, highly impressive when it come to condition withsmall waist depending on your hgh and insulina intake...with no insulina you will have 30 inch waist while you are 210lb ! when on trenbolona ace,, it is only! on trenbolona ace when the skin attach itself to the muscle in the attractive way you see in a magazine where the girl take a look and pondering why her man doesnt look even remotely close to it,, it is combo of THICKNESS AND! CONDITION which is considered shreded to ripped depending on the time you been on trenbolona ace,, the longer you are on it the more invinsible you come condition wize and the more lean size you pack on you ,, and! the more impressive you look even when weight on scale come to a stop because even then! bodyfat continue to go down ,, ALL WITH ZERO CARDIO!

3. insulina,, with out insulina you will never create a mutation on a larger fella,, a 5'8+ fella with no insulina in blood will never create mutatition ,, he will never be able to poses the 240lb+ on stage you see now day ,,insulina in today bodybuild and with deep pain i say a mustyou just wont get to 240 you will be 210 with out insulina

4. testosterona,, it has to be there at some dose prefebly cycling depending on prep timing or not,, testosterona is a hormone to THICKEN an already lean physiqe,, it also keep stamina and keep your MOOD at the right place,, it can fuck up condition when abused especialy when prep and especialy! when not done according to your lean muscle ,, a 200lb 5'9 fella do not prep on 1 gram testosterona for show! the end,, again testosterona is important and need to be taken sometime in higher doses to grow but it is ONLY when you have high hgh in blood ,, testosterona intake shoudl be paralel line to hgh intake ,, if you cant aford hgh or dont have it ...the testosterona doses should go DOWN

5. equipona ,, as important as testosterona ,, but testosterona is rated higher because it has medical application and it is the main hormone in all human body,, equipona is second best anabolic for bodybuild,, it grow you from the inside out slowly,, it cupp your delt very nice and it add polish to your look that only a bodyhbuild can see and recognize,, it is again attractive skin look that is wraped around muscle almost like a vaccum,, for final vaccum trenbolona and then diuretic are introduced

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