Thursday, 3 November 2011


already dicusedd how strong this drug is,,it pretty much make fellas with balonie genetic into bodybuilders... that should tell you how strong this drug is...
the doses: ofcourse you can see trenbolona work as low as 50mg every 2 day surly can,,you will look very good ...yet! with trenbolona unlike! with testosterona...the higher the dose ...the nastier and freakier the bodybuild become..and i mean it! ,, the bodybuild will see changes that he will sacrifice his social life for ...sad but true,,not theat bodybuild have social life but this is another story lol ,,
testosterona...the higher the dose...the bloofier you look unless you have gh running in system...with trenbolona ace...the higher you use the BETTER THE LARGER THE MORE CONDITIONED AND THE MORE S E P E R A T E D you look
while testosterona puff your skin up,, trenbolona ace thin is down ! it eliminate the puffy skin and thus say bye bye to the bloofy look ,,it get the skin to a shrink wraped mode with time! it depends ofcourse on your begginign bodyfat level,, it will be diff for fella like tbom and fella like no one,,tbom it will take one it will take 10 days lol actualy from the first day it will be going visualy its because the body is already in state of anabolizm and low bodyfat with no one and with tbom he has muscle but it is covered with water and fat and in the doubles....never the less tbom will be able to look like competetive bodybuild will only take him another 2 months lol sometime 4-5 if body is realy stubbern and the fella love his ummm i dont know love his goolash and the higher caloric shit foods...still trenbolona wil cut through the fat like knife cut through butter and with months will bring tbom to the single digit and seperated like a competetive bodybuild...not top but competetive to begin with
the actual changes from tren ace and what to expect:
i will talk about the typical 12-13% bodybuild not the single digit ones becaue the single digit ones are already know everything there is to know,, they may not be profesionals but they been in it for so long they can speak it in their dreams ,, so this is for 12-13% bodyfat rathr than 8%..
this are the changes you will see,,
week 1,, you will feel pumped but insted of bloofy feel of testosterona pump you will have the feeling of pump from the inside of the muscle while the more self knowing individuals who recognize changes fast will notice their face ...yes their face taking a diff look ,,they will be the only ones who notice it ,, it is something you notice personaly since it is only the beggining and no one else that see you will notice ,,they will think you are crazy if you tell them anythign so keep it to yourself,, face iwll start getting the high boxer type of look,,hard to explain ,, it is week one so nothing visual yet aside from pump ...tremendous strength and i mean tremendous! big diff than what you were before ,,and when you will expect to see your midsection bloat...and say something is not right here the belly got to be will take your shirt up and notice that no! it is actualy looking tighter!,, yes yes this is week 1! since you are 12% you wont see much more ,,obliqes will start being noticed well and the girl will comliment that this is the area of the body she like the most right before she sucking your cock,, she wil comment on it because she wil be able to see it on you : ),, remember this is after 3-7 injects of trenbolona ace into blood at 100mg every inject
week 2-3
this is when progress being made and you start seeing your body transforms ,, still nothing like a pro bodybuild...nothing like top amatuer....but! you will start noticing that the pecs and delts are seperating,, they reduce fat yet remain full and start getting seperated as in water go into the muscle insted of outside of muscle,, this is a stage where you will still have water between skin and muscle so it wont be to an impressive level seperation wize,,but! the seperation will occure and in this 2-3 weeks try not to be crazy and dont take pictures every day ,, take them few times a weeek not every day you will go nuts,, trenbolona changes are only daily for the single digit fellas and the 8% and under,,so for you since you started 12% and now you are about 10-11.. try to not take many pictures every day because at this bodyfat levels pictures can be deciving time you look great one time you look decent etc ,, not good comparisons,, at the end of this stage you will sit at high single digit sub 10%,, 9-10%
week 4-8...
this is when you will start getting comliments not only on how BIG YOU LOOK but you will start hearing the word LEAN ,, you will walk around and you will hear alot of wondering of how you got so lean ,, no one will say skinny ,, no one will say small ,, they will all use the word LEAN ,, lean this lean that,, still not thickly lean ,, the thickly lean comes little after down the road,, in this stage you get the YOU LOOK LEAN MAN comments,, this is when veins start becoming very visible in places you are not used to while sitting watching tv you will see veins on back of legs on forarms on inside of forarms on arms on traps on chest,, everywhere again it depend on how prone to veins you are but you will see the veins you have enhanced! ,,you will also get more serpeated and it will be to a level that when you take pictures you finaly will decide to keep them and wil feel very bad to delete them because they will look very good
week 9 and on ...
this is what seperate the REAL bodybuild from the wanna be ,, this is where the true mutation coming into play and you really start looking like magazine fella,, it is when you dont need to flex to see the seperated muscle in all its glory ,, it is when you stand and get compliments all over about how YOU ARE BOTH THICK AND LEAN aka YOU GET INTO A ZONE CALLED RIPPED AND THEN A BETTER ZONE CALLED SHREDDED,, those zones are again happeingn for you only after 2-3-4 of constant trenbolona usage were 12-13% to begin with ,, and you had to build the trenbolona ace into blood and work that fat off with out cardio and with out losing even minimal power or muscle,, you also wanted to live normal life and eat pretty normal so this is why it take 2-3-4 months sometimes even 6 months,,
in any case,, at the end of this stage you are a walking bodybuilder that is ready for stage ,, looking 4 weeks out on a regular basis ,, you pretty much look nicely thickly lean ...aka seperated to a very noticable level ,, you get a lot of compliments fellas dont mind complimenting but they need to see something worth complimenting to do so ...and in this stage you wil have it friends,,
this is important stage past the 8th week it is important because the bodybuild start becoming a serious bodybuild and advanced level bodybuild,, this is also a godo time to re introduce gh ....and do them together ,, and cycle testosterona the RIGHT way so you keep getting drier or maintain driness while growing and dont kill the seperations and the lines you created in thsoe 3 months...rememebr even little amount of water kill seperation ,, and testosterona is BIG BIG ENEMY OF SEPERATION BIG BIG BIG ENEMY YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO WORK IT AND YOU NEED HGH WITH IT IF YOU GO HIGH DOSES ,,
equipona wil be very good at this stage with the trenbolona ace and the gh ,,,tstosterona shoudl cycled in and out as in higher doses and then cruising ,, i much prefer you do it with propioneta or phnyl propioneta
now,, this is a program for the average GYM RAT ,, aka someone who want to get into advanced bodybuild,, this is not for already advanced bodybuild,, advanced bodybuild are always lean ,, they never see 10% even when you think they are 10% they are 8% ,, they just hold water and puff themselves up some with balonie they play with ,, rest assuree of that,, so this program is for fellas who start 12-13% even 14% and want to get down to competetive bodyfat,,which is 6% or lower
i wont talk of side effect since i alredy mentioned them in bible million times,, side effect from trenbolona ace = growth ! lean growth! ,, there are soem side effects that fellas have hard time with which i wrote about ,, some fellas cant deal with it ,, mainly mentally ,, but over all ,, trenbolona is HIGHLY HIGLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY and then some more highly important to get the look you all desire
gh15 approved


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