Friday, 11 November 2011

in regards to roundness of delts,,

i keep getting repetetive questions about how to get the delts to look rounder as in phillip heath and marcus raul to a leser degree since marcus had syntol in them too,,

the roundness of the delts my friends has nothing to do with the doses of testosterone you take BUT! the doses of equipose and trenbolone ace,,

for the tight waist aka criminal mishko trainees and the round delts we make sure there is eq and tren ace in the blood,,the eq at 600-1200mg a week and the tren ace at 150-800mg a week dependent on the bodybuilder level in lean mass and the quality of poweder,,

masteron is added too for finishing touch,,

testosterone has to do with OVER ALL THICKNESS not with the roundness of the delts,,no trainnign will get your delts rounder and open like a todays guys UNLESS you got in yoru system tren ace and equipoise in addition to testosterone ,,

this is no if or buts ,,it has nothing to do to nutrition or training,,this is all drug talk ,,copy and paste since im not up for answering more of the the same question

gh15 approved

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