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training should always be heavy wether natural or not,,it should be heavy within ofcourse the level of bodyfat the natural or the hormonized lifter is ,,if you are single digit bodyfat you better believe it that you dont need to lift as if you were 15% because you will get hurt if natural,,if hormonized it is somewhat diff and you can still lift heavy but work with head and not always lift heavy the lower bodyfat you are on hormones the more smart you should train and the more stress your muscle should feel from even lower weights,,

now to the natural lifter,,not many around but to the few there are....

training shoudl be heavy if in the doubles ,,and heavy to moderate as in cycling if in the singles digits,,the training intensity is always less with naturals because they can not keep up due to no hormones in system ,,so inorder to develop muscle as natural the intensity should not be super fast and the lifting should always be proper and cycle as in from heavy to moderate and just change fevery couple weeks ,,always change

rep ranges always 6-12 with everything heavy or not heavy ,,you are bodybuilder not a balerina or marathon runner,,6-10 upper body 6-12 and at times 15 lower body ,,again depenmding on the weight you are using and other factors such as rest you had ,,food intake ,,many things matter greatly for naturals as in true naturals

NOW ,,NATURALS ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE THEIR MEALS ON THE SPOT EVERY MEAL NO SKIPPIN NO BALONIE,,hormonized can skip meals steroids and gh are very very fogiving hormones,,we can even skip meals by good 6 hours and be ok sometimes even longer and be perfectly fine,, with the natural its a no no ,,every meal should be small and should be tsaken 2-3 hours apart ,,it should nto be over feeding because the natural will shit it right on in the morning in 7 increments upon waking up ,,

5=6 meals are ok for naturals ,,not big meals but small portions that the body can utelize ,, and still it wont utelize all of the food but it will be better than if you ate big portions and over fed and shit it all like many naturals

results,,ummm results is vary depending on how malnurished you were when started or how fat you were it all depends,,a skinny guy that come from 130 lb that actualy need to be 175....can gain up to 175 and then some to be 180lb so he wil say he gained 50lb but in reality not the case,,he just gained to his genetic capacity since that what he would be if he ate the meals his mama told him when he was 10 and didnt want to eat her strudel,,naturals sualy max themselves within first 2-3 years of serious training usually 2,,then they are stuck forever or go on hormones,,

a true natural bodybuilr with good structure will have the following mesurments offseason and on stage

5'10 185 9-10% offseason ,,going on stage 165-170 5-6%depending on how much water he held,,that is very very good natural!

6'2-6'3 natural will be 210-220 10% offseason and go on stage 195-200lb 5-6% depending on water held

those are natural numbers,,nothing more is natural ,,many less is natural ,,but thoe are very good numbers genetic wize for true natural bodybuildrs that sitll exist but they are very very few

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