Friday, 11 November 2011

the true defition of breaking through platue,,

the true defition of breaking through platue,,

this is again in regarding the known lie that plateau is breaken with new extra weight,,not the case!

platue in bodybuild is always breaken with the addition of hormones,,DOSES ,, and products when truly advanced bodybuild,,

when you maxed at trenbolona and propionets at 200lb 6% ,,only thing that will push you to 220 6% will be addition of testosterona with longer esters and gh ,, ofcourse there is small brekas in platue and big breaks,,

the higher the bodyfat is the smaler the break will be and should be ,, the lower bodyfat is the bigger the break wil be and should be ,,

example ,,from trenbolona ace and propioneta at respecivly 100mg/150mg every 2 day of each ,,200lb 6% bodybuild should break the latue with 1-1.5 gram of testosterona longer easter or sustanona with adujstable dose of legit hgh,, this will take the bodybuld to new 220lb 6% status

if bodybuild is 205lb 10% he should break the platue with lighter doses since he is smaller than the 200lb 6%,,he should add testosterona and gh at lower doses inorder to work on the quality along with the size,,it wil be a slower process of growth but it can be done at higher bodyfat it just need to be tackled with LOWER DOSES

the fellas who need to blast on doses are the lower bodyfat fellas,,the ones who start 6-7% they will have the biggest break in platue and the most gained lean muscle with no fat when gh is in,,

so to conclude this ,,

breaking of platue has nothing to do with weights,,the weights increase come when the body is primed to growth and start growing even if not completely noticable yet,,but the major part of the equation si to increaese doses of testosterona to the grams ,,and yes i mean 1-2 grams ,,it is nothing ,,1-2 grams its nothing comparing to 2-3 grams many do ,,then ofcourse the higher grams the more gh you need so make sure you have enough legit gh if you decide to work with 2-3 grams,,1-1.5 grams a week go well with 6-12 iu a day ,, over 1.5 grams need more gh to unilize most efficiently ,,15 iu gh come with 1.5-3 grams testosterona,,and ofcourse 20-30 and over come with insulina and insulina is always there

ok hope this is understood,,also dont evrr forget your anabolics,,it is very importanto to make sure the anabolics are there big time ,,you want to put eq 300 mg inject together with nppiona 100 mg inject in same syrnge and shoot ,,you want to ad trenboolona and little masterona on the other ass cheek ,, so you dont get too soft and that you have the nasty factor that only trenbolona gives,,remember that pupils

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