Thursday, 3 November 2011



the human body is a machine ,,it is a machine that needs to be fueled inorder to grow ,, you need to be able to eat and utilize this food inorder for you to grow... now!,,if you come to mutation when you are already fat aka danta and friends ltd... the food you eat wont be utilized to the best level ,,why? because they hold higher bodyfat in the higher teens or sometimes more...the hormones also wont be able to do what they need to do to the best level because it will all be a mix of jello and muscle and the estrogen will be celebrating inside the blood and so wil be the adipose tissue both works directly against new muscle ..yes you need estrogen but not when you are 18% ...thats not bodybuilding fat levels ...this is normal people fat levels... you need the estrogen at optimal levels but when you are singles... thats the key,,

now,, the higher leaN muscle you got the better you will untilize the food ,, the body will burn it much better than fatter fella,, youll be able then to continiously eat and eat and eat and not get fat .... the hormones will take it up a few notches...and make you an effective machine that wotn get fat no matter what ,,,water? yes you will hold some... as i said estrogen is important ,,but fat? no way ,, you will not gain fat period not on anadrola nto on nothing unless you inject straight out estrogen even then i doubt it ,, sooo you can eat icecreams and pizza and jamaica cooking from jamaica boys mamas kitchen and anything else and really wont gain fat,, youll just grow lean,, it will actualy be hard for you to be satisfied because youll always be hungry EVEN ON ANAPOLON ,,the key is though to be leannnnn,,NOT SKKINNY BUT LEAN!,,

when somone has little fat on him and little means anything in the singles from 9 to 5... you really prime yourself for mainly gains in lean muscle if hormonized ,,there is a very efficient machine that utilize all the hormones and the food you eat inorder to grow new lean muscle....

hgh ofcourse will be a must inorder to take it to freaky level where you can really pack up the calories and just wont get fat ,, you will be on hgh and anapolon at high doses and you will hear everyday you really got leaer brother.. and you will thikn to yourself ..funnny i just finished a tub of icecream lol if you eat alot when you are lean and have the right compounds in your blood the only option for your body is to go higher in LEAN MUSCLE MASS ,,

gh15 approved

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