Wednesday, 2 November 2011



this is a phase 3 of bodybuilder for the poor,, i will bring bring you to the mountain ,, i will help you get to troy alvez type of physiqe! but! from then on you are on your own ,, you will need much more money or sponsor to get to what you see today at the top,, so i will bring you up to 220 6% but from then you are on your own friends,,

phase 1 and 2 are must follow ,, and follow directly as i wrote it there,,yes you can chnage fish type but over all follow directly as i wrote it

ingredients needed,,you will have to put some money investment but since you save on supplmenet you wil have this money,,

again this is a program to follow for the fella with the worst bodybuild genetic out there aka vince goodrum and bring him up to ron heris level,, so if you are better and most likley you will end up looking at the level zoen of troy alvez minus the years of experience and muscle maturity


testosterona propioneta 100mg/ml 2 vials

testosterona enantato 250mg/ml or 300mg/ml or 350mg/ml depending on your contact ofcourse and wether human grade or private chef 2 vials

trenbolona ace ,, this is HIGHLY IMPORTANT 100mg per cc only ace! 2 vials

masterona 100mg per cc 2 vials

equipona 300mg per cc 2 vials

human growth hormone 1 kit 100iu only! nordic ! AGAIN ONLY NORDIC GH!

thats it ,, all you need you will need to buy it every single month so this will be an expense of about 500-600 dollaros first time around and then from third month! you will only need to put 300 dollaors a month ,, which is equal to your supplment sepdning,, this is the cheapest it can be to get to advance level bodybuild 300 dollaros every 4-8 weeks is the cheapest possible way to get there i cant get it any cheaper for you im sorry ,, most bodybuild spend 1000s in a matter of a 3 month period thousands of dollars! sometimes surpassing 10 k in a matter of 90 days
so this is not your will need 500-600 for first 2 months and from then on 300 dolaros every month


injection should be done every time before bed,,
i also want all injects to be done into the ass right and left cheeks ,, again this is your responsbility to be bodybuilder i write my own opinions and i discuss matters for enterntainment only...

i want you to start within PRIMING YOUR BODY with hgh ,, that mean you will work hgh into your body for 30-60days as a prime 4 iu a day ,, only 4 iu you hear that right just make sure you get nordic hgh and no other gh! you want that gh because it is the purest one and you want to get the most out of your gh,, yes you can find other decent and good gh but nordic gh never seem to dissapoint for years upon years going already close to 10 years

now,, i want 4 iu into DELTS 2 iu morning when wake up 2 iu night,, yes only this way and just train ,, do it for 25 days along with equipona at 900mg 3 times a week monday wed friday 300 mg each time that is it! no testosterona yet,, at the end of this 25 days i want you to add trenbolona ace at 100 mg every second day! make sure it is LEGIT TRENBOLONA at 100mg every second day and continue with the second kit of gh for another 25 days at 4-5 iu a day 2.5 and 2.5 morning when wake up and night before sleep

now,, at the same time you add trenbolona ace i want you to add propioneta at 50mg! every 2nd to 3rd day depending on your own feeling since i cant see you you will decide but not every day! every second to third day,, 50 mg!

when 50 day mark arrive i want you to take the enantato ,,and do a 3 time weekly injectiong of 300mg each time mon wed and friday,, can also be tuesday thursday and saturday all up to your choice and how you do things and if you are lazy some fellas like to take their sweet time thats how bodybuild do at times,, this will give you 900-1000mg of testosterona enantato a week when you are done 50-60 days of hgh prime ,, with the enantato i want you to INCREASE the trenbolona to 100 mg every day 5 times a week ,, it is NOT easy ! trenbolona ace is very very tricky it works on your brain it change your personality even if you think it doesnt it does ,, it is the strongest personality change hormone out there but it is also a must to achieve any of today condition ,,you need to be careful with it if you can not tolerate every day 100mg you will have to continue every second day 100 mg ,, but if you can then 100mg a day will be better for this phase

so ,, enantato 900-1000 mg a week ...trenbolna ace 100 mg a day or if really cant 100 mg every 2 days,, and! NO ANTI ESTROGENS! i want you to introduce masterona if you have problem with high estrogen after 50 days! you should not have any problem but if you do introduce masterona at 50mg every 2 days! the masterona i stil dont want in only if you suffer from high levels of estrrogen which you shoudl not not even when you get on 1000 mg testosterona yuo still should be ok with estrogen ,,

now the masterona itself i want you to introduce after 3 weeks on enantato at 1000 mg ,,

so what we have until now,,

we have day 51 start,, you go on enantato 900-1000 mg a week,, you still keep equipona at 900 mg ,, you have trenbolona ace at 100 mg every second day and after another 3 weeks you add in masterona at 50mg every second day ,, you can! combine injections,, it is all oil shoudl be no problem but it is still usualy 3 injects a week atleast no matter how you do it ,, you want it at 3 day injection a week so its ok ,,

now you will notice that by day 80-90 from your start you pretty much suddenly look like one of the best bodybuilder to ever touch foot in your gymnasium ,, this is in 3 months! you still wont be quality of top bodybuilder due to maturity and experience and time ,, and also due to lack of products notice you are poor! there are some things you can not do like bodybuilder with more money,, but you can defenitely have better quality physiqe than them


day 80-90 you REINTRODUCE HGH to the blood,, do it on day 90 ,, this time you LEAVE testosterona enantato in may even increase it to 1200mg a week dependign on personal choice,, you leave equipona in still 900mg and you take trenbolona ace out! insted of trenbolona ace you bring in anadrola preferebly solution and do 100-150mg every day ,, again preferably injectable! you can still do orals too,, rememer you take out the trenbolona ace! you do gh again for 30 days this time you do it at 6-8 iu a day only for 30 days! if you can afford 60 it will be better for you but 30 will be ok too ,,you can even inject it every second day! at 6-8 iu a day then a day of no hgh then 8 iu a day then day of no hgh etc etc

you will then approach 120 days which is 4 months since you started and i will want you to start reducing the testosterona doses again ,, i will make phase 4 in next few days to discuss the next steps,,

again the nex phase will involve the possibility of diuretic application and a quick discussion about insulina and why im against it ,, it will also involve what needed to get to the 220 + at cometition condition because all those fellas are addicted to insulina and gh ,, you just dont step on stage 5'7 220 shredded if you are not hgh and insulina addict,, so we will talk abotu it too but again you are poor so i bring you up to 220 6% from then you will either have to find a good job or will have to have help or do something to get the ability to proceed,, most good bodybuilder at 200lb wipe floor with heavier bodybuilders...especialy if in light heavy classes ,, so its not that bad to get up to 200 210 220 6% my friends,, and this is the way you do it ,,

few things,,

you never give up! no matter what you see in the mirror after 11 days ,, you dont just say oh im tired of this,, you will see a lot in the mirror after lefit gh been in your blood for 11 days but! 11 days is not enough time to create body compsition change it takes some more time,, this is 120 days here that you should start ,, then will go to phase 4 which will polish the physiqe and bring it to competition level ,, not stage ready but pretty much 2 weeks out ,, i dont think yuo need it for every day life....but in general if you can get to look 200+ 6% on every day life at 5'10 or under no one will mistaken you for anything other than bodybuilder and you will be the best in your city in most cases,,

good luck to all ,,

phase 4 will come in few days

sealed bible index,,

gh15 approved