Wednesday, 2 November 2011



ok so you decided you want to be bodybuilder,, for whatever reason doesnt matter,, you want to look like bodybuilder,, ok but you are not rich ,, you are college student or poorer for waht ever reason ,,

the beggining stage,, phase 1

this is general phase that will preced the following stages

you first and formost put the following group of individuals under complete and utter ignore,, as in you dont take anytihng they say in ,, you always read them knowing they lie for whatever reason:

the group of individuals:

ron heris

layne nortom

danta and sons from the scam company true protien ,,

all fake natural profesionals/amatuers

those are the main ones needed to completely put on ignore and while reading their balonie ...completely isolate yourself and know they lie all the time for whatever reason and agenda to bring money to their pocket ,, they strive on you,, they want you ,, like a prisoner who hasnt had sex with woman for 5 years,, they WANT you bad! and they will stop at nothign with nice label ,, nice lies,, nice shieny advertizment on steroid boardings,, nice desks in expos,, hormonized bodybuild who advertize for them ,, etc etc etc,, everything they can to sell natural illusion will be used,, so thats that,, reason i mention only the above and not rich gaspari is because he tried to bring real hormones to the market....reasoni didnt mention getny is because i did mention him and he is part of the fake naturals profesional/amatuers

so thats that,, this is first step ,, on your way to become a bodybuilder if you have limited amount of money and income

second stage that will come later on tomorow is about the foods and the drugs needed for your level of low income and the approach

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