Monday, 14 November 2011

the 3 stages of a bodybuilder and forth for pro

so since i actually took the time to read the whole simplyhuge tread and really read it all from the beggining,,i now will give here a quick lesson for what it takes for every stage of bodybuilding look ,,

there are 4 stages of bodybuilders,, the true natural ,,the cycled juiced,,the hormonized,, the professional

the professional is a diff stage which ill talk about at the end,,its a complete diff level,,

when yu olook at fellas such as simply and brother,,they are sitting at stage 2,,the cycled juiced,,why not hormonized? because the hormonized would let the keep a lot more muscle mass while getting lean as in the use of growth ,,they could have been at stage 3 because now days we ship them 100 units of gh in a little pack trhe size of cigarette box so in general many kidos just get 1800$ and just buy 1000units 10 cigarette boxes full of good gh for personal use,,so yes they could have easily be at that stage but they are not YET!,,
the brothers are at the stage 2 of simple aas use with out too much complications,,the use is of products that act fast and efficient such as fina and prop which causae the exact type of maintanance of lean muscle mass they had to begin with under the fat while losing weight yet keeping muscle size,,in other words slow gain in lean muscle mass in the over all process of cycling

stage 1 ofcourse is what a true natual is,,for a 6'2bodybuilder it will be somewhere at 205 at 7-9%,,,for 5'10 bodybuilder it will be somewhere at 175lb at 7-9% if at the top of the genetic frame chain asin built well bone structure wize
a fella like kyomi is what a true natural can look like but its not quite the example because kyomi used aas back in the day so he is what is considered clean and his trainer is ofcourse one step away from kidny failure ,,but kyomi is clean over all for quite some time,,,,a true natural is one who never touched hormones at all AND THAT MEANS NOTHING BUT PROTIEN POWDERS! AND FOOD

stage 3 is the hormonized bodybuilder,,,thats the fellas who are either gy rats with intention to compete nationals or actual national competitors ,,they are well in to the 220 pounder levels and over at 5'10 (remember every inch = 7 pounds on male) and those guys usually combine the use of aas with good dose of hgh for what we call in bodybuilding LEAN GROWTH can be achieved with out insulin and in the 90s it was achieved very nicely with out much insulin see kevin etc,,

a bodybuilder who enters stage 3 will be able to eat whatever he wants whenever he wants as long as its not severly over saturated with fat,,but in general he will be able to eat atleast 1-2 cheat meals a day and it wont matter,,,he will start at 220 lb 13% and within weeks!!! on only 4 units of good growth and aas will be 235lb and 8%,,meaning LEANB GROWTH WHILE GAINING SIZE AND WEIGHT ON SCALE AND TO THE EYE WHILE BURNING BODY FAT %,,in other words thats a must process on the way to a pro card and with out it you will nevre be able to achieve a professional card now days

now,,when gh15 says good gh what gh15 means is either american made gh or something like red tops from china or brown tops that are known to be better than american gh due to acessive over dosing of the 10 iu vials up tp 12-13iu thus creating an equivelent product to american made gh,,a prodict like that red top gh will within weeks!! cause you lean growth and increase in weight while reduction of body fat% occures and no not 4 months like your internet stories crap ,,we are talkin here weeks as in 4-5 weeks,,thts what real legit gh does ansd yes every one respond to it and it is indeed magic for any athlete and ofcourse to the bodybuilder

now,,stage 4 the pro bodybuilder stage,,

stage 4 is where you have no limits and you will do whatever it takes to achieve what ever it is you want to ,,,the professional bodybuilder story,,we use everything stage 3 uses only multiplied by 3-4 and a lot more insulin and other hormones and in many cases other drugs ,,narcotic drugs for specific reasons,,not all do it but a good amount of professionals do this as sad as it is ,,the professional bodybuilder competes over 100k price and the prices are very limited and nto given to just everyone who step on stage thus why the severe competition and the abuse of drugs

thats it ,,this is the 4 stages of a bodybuilder hands on ,,no books ,,,real life information ,,

a true natural at 6 feet will be on stage 165-170lb at 5% maybe 4 % if he is asian and that is ONLY IF HE BEEN AT IT A WHILE AND IS VERY VERY SERIOUS AND IS BLESSED WITH GOOD STRUCTURE AND BUILT inaddition to good skin tone

gh15 approved


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