Saturday, 5 November 2011

cycle of npc competitor

they all want to be npc competitor i give them cycle of npc competitor,, even if they dont want to be npc competitor they still want to look like bodybuuld i give what im asked,, trenbolona can run fo r6 months even for 12 months,, AS LONG AS you are not abuser of narcotics,, booz,, pain killers,,diuretic,,

from runing this compound for many years i can tell you the folowing

blood presure remain perfect most of the time ,, blood pressure always change so ofcourse when training it will go higher etc,, but over all blood pressure 120 over 80 130 over 80 110 ovr 80 110 over 65 etc ,, this is perfect blood prssure

liver values really prety much same ,, its not oral and even oral is not big deal but its not oral its inject much less problematic

kidnsys...again it is matter of other substance abuse when someone lose kidny ,, usualy it is diuretic being done like a moron and n a r c o t i c s ,, i dont know anyone who lost kidny from trenbolona ,, i know few who died from narcotics and diuretics abuse

ummm over lal safe drug,, the only reaon you may want to keep it for 6 months and not all year is becaue it takes a toll on the head! mental toll ,, and its not easy if you need to have normal job and be with good terms with girl etc,, but many bodybuild are very good in keeping cool ,, so it individual dependent

the insomina you talk about is there,, but this is also why i put in the gh ,, gh cancel any side of any other drugs aside from narcotics,,

gh is like ummm well legit gh is like ...remember that finger red long finger with red light et had in movie? that cured everything? thats how big human growth hormone is ,, it is like that et finger,, it will heal everything,, it wil bring everything to omeostasis,, it will help sleep tremendous since i am on human growth and on tren and when i go sleep it is 6-7 hour of deep sound sleep...and im on lots of trenbolona along my career,, so gh cancel this effect to some degreee and when you sleep it is very very sound sleep 5 hour = 8!

if you are on hgh you can do lots of balonie you cant when you dont have hgh in blood,, lots and lots of balonie can be done by you and hgh will grow you no matter what,, if i didnt love bodybuuild i would lactualy tel fellas here the true reality about bodybuild...which is dont need to even train your delts if no gh in blood...becaude no matter how much you will lift ...the delt will not be 3 dimentional until gh introduced ,, so you can be super strong but they will still look the same as any other fella less strong than you that is on aas too,, the magic happen when hgh is in the blood!,, but....i love bodybuild so i dont say it like that...

reality of the matter is you dont even need to train if you dotn have gh in blood,, and when i say this i include the window of 6 months opportuinty gh in other words...if you cant get gh for 6 months out of the year...there is really no need for you to bodybuild...because you will be stuck in an era called 1960...

gh15 approved

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