Thursday, 3 November 2011



there is realy no death pool from hormones ,, this is the saddest thing about our cult,, some bad apples ruined it for all of us,, atleast 50% of the cult is normal bodybuilders thsat just want to build their body and compete or work as fitness model or just have btter physiqes with or with out hormones...those 50% who choose steroids suffer greatly from the other 50% among us who do narcotics and high doses insulina and diuretics,,they kill themselves and then everyone blame everything on the poor steroids who really only make you healthier,, its quite sad ,, the reputation of steroids among public is so bad due to the bad 50% of us that it failed us all ,, it really did,,

look at true bodybuilders liek many others...they live to be old and happy ,,many more than zane..many of the 70s and 80s are living to be old ,, look at haney and he used some serious shit but! didnt use narcotics and didnt abuse diuretics and insulina!

it really comes to the bad 50% among us who ruin it to all the good serious bodybuilders,, so many bodybuilders dont even drink!! i know so many bodybuilders who cant even drink alcohol they cant stand it,, they really dont drink ,, then come the other 50%...and fuck it all up with some x and some cocaine and some fast diuretic to get in the club dry ...and insulina to be heavy set,, and some pain killers to num everything and some tynalol and advil to take the headache away ...oh and yes some hormones lol and the poor hormones are the ones who get blames while those 50% sit and drink 6 packs like there is no tomorow and pop x into their mouth and on few diff narcotic meds...

fellas you DO NOT die from steroids ,, PERIOD,, unless you are already having cancer from before...or really really condition from before which is rare ,, even then you usualy dont die

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