Friday, 11 November 2011

GH15 Bible Index - Diiuretics - the look hands on

today we will shed light on the diuretic importance of to a finished look a bodybuild want,, we will talk about the importance of diuretic in actually looking like a bodybuilder,, and! we will show it in pictures! finaly you will understand it through pictures,,

i have many times asked how why what can you say abotu diuretic,, show us the diff between water and fat ,, explain to us what diuretic brings look wize to bodybuild...i always said it in it wil be shown in pictures,, i took girl pictures,, it is more enhanced due to higher estrogen levels and you can see what simple diuretic can do to a girl ,,,you can translate it then to a male physiqe and it comes more squary and more rugged like eventhough some of this women are men have no doubt about it ,, they are on enough hormones for long enough years to become males in many aspects,,

here we go ,,

first picture is of a female BEFORE diuretic introduced to body ,, she is READY for diureitc but not intorduced yet... i will post it here

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the next picture is female at the same level! that introduced a diuretic called ALDACTONE and/or ALDACTAZIDE onto her physiqe ,, notice the tunnel that show,, the dry ruggedy look ,, the actual dry definition that come out and no matter how small female is she is considered highly muscular...ofcourse many on crustal meth and cocaine but im talking about direct diuretic impact!,, it give the illusion that she is in much better condition than female in picture one while in reality they are the same condition only one hold less water on her

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