Monday, 14 November 2011

7 rules to build a phenominal physique

too many pm question askin about same thing,,how to build an out of this world physiqe,,here is the rules i would obey buy if i started all over again and entered a gym at age 18,,enjoy muchachos

*genetics as you call it on this board is really really not needed for phenominal physiqe,,for phenominal size yes,,but anyone can look like a bodybuilder,,even smaller guys.


7 rules to build phenominal physiqe from gh15 house of pain or pain in the ass depends how you look at it,,follow it to the t and you will be able to not only call yourself bodybuilders but also look like ones

1. you dont built big legs with big weights,,you build it with higher number of reps with moderate weight,,pay attention to the 110lb "fitness girl" in your gym,,when she is on the stepper and you are behind her,,take a look at her quad swip and leg development,,,i assure you she didnt achieve it with 6 plates 45lb each side of a barbell,,the fact you see bunch of whores and homos looking at you while you squat dont mean you need to put on the bar 6 plates,,you wont build NOTHING BUT YOUR EGO,,and even then it wont be for long

2. lift only as heavy as you can lift with good form! all the show off movements should be kept to either when your legs are the size of kamali legs and already been through the growing phase which was years ago for a professional bodybuilder,,or to a specific day of the month that you feel like showing off and not training the muscle for growth purpose. you dont go and put 6 plates each side of the bar when you are 200lb and the pro next to you is 270lb,,dont work this way,,,yes even if you are on drugs!! the fact you juice dont mean you need to fuck yourself up and not improve,,chose a day to do it,,once a month,,to satisfy your need to be the "best" in the gym

3. use hormones on a regular basis

4. do not quit no matter what,,keep on going and improving,,the ones who quit always try to get back after couple years,,and never get back better,,always chasing the thought of what would happen if they didnt stop training,,NEVER QUIT!

5. diet matters less when you try to pack on muscle mass,,only when cutting diet really matters!,,pay attention to form and pack in the calories with good stack of hormones,,cut and think about diet later on when wanna do a show,,if you will sit and calculate your diet from the first moment you enter a gym you will NEVER EVER GROW! remember what i told you here,,,guys who start training should never pay 100% attention to diet,,only aspect they need to pay attention in the diet is high enough protien and high enough calories

6. always use ephedrine when cutting,,always use eca when cutting,,alwyas eat less when cutting,,always eat majority of your food clean when cutting,,dont ever give up your dirty food completely when cutting because your body needs it eventhough you are cutting,,doesnt need it overdue but still need it once or twice a week,,your brain needs it!,,especially on hormones and fat burners,,you will never look your best if you completely eliminate carbs during diet phase,,you gotta have them to a limit,,and i dont talk here about no carb up phase before a show im talkin about carb intake during the all diet/prep,,if you keep it at 30grams a day for 4 months you will end up looking like SHIT and dont listen to what any one else tell you,,you need to know how to cycle carbs right! especially when cutting.

7. if you chose to use supplements,,as in protien powder,,use a good one like allmax or something so you atleast have some good shit coming into your stomack with good taste,,,dont waste your money on crap

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