Saturday, 5 November 2011

food/bible index

inorder to get to profesional size,, you need to eat! and what do i mean eat? the food every 2 hour is balonie ofcoruse,,but! you need to have a specific calorc intake for the new size you aim at,, now! this is very important becuase many of my pupils know that drugs is the determined factor! and its true!,, but you have to increase calories significantly when on hgh!!! you have to!otherwize you only going to lean out and get shredded but with minimal new tisue build up,, you have eat the calories when on hgh friends

it doesnt mean every 2 hour but it mean whenevr hungry can be every 3-4 hours a meal that satisfy your hunger,, with hgh you will be hungry every few hours and wil have no problem to down as much food as needed,, againlike with everything....if you eat too much you will and take insulina you wil start creating a gut! a gut that will be carful and try to minimize insulina to begin with ,,

really pack in the calories on hgh,,

you dont need to think in terms of...oh i do not look as shreded as last summer ,, YOU DO! YOU DO ! under this water of the hgh you are just as lean and just as shreded friend,, you can se on the face that it get leaner nose get to lok bigger,, eyes everything start getting out more,, its only the water that make you look somewhat bloat but very muscular and lean! disregard this water it wil go away after few weeks and the water that remain from the hgh through out hgh intake...will go away first few weeks off gh and then! then!! you will see what those calories did!!

BUT! you have to have the calories in ,, do not wastee money on gh if you cant get the calories in ,, you need mutation not only fat burning! remember that!

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